Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Angry Mail-women

I have recently been entertaining a project for a very good friend of mine, which entails a lot of letters to be sent out. I met with my first mail-women and got all kind of good tidbits to prepare my massive circulation of letters. I was feeling pretty good about things, and then today, a dreadful meeting occurred. I had finished up my last few letters and set them out at the mailbox, and then an hour or two later I hear a loud "knock" on the door. I ran upstairs to see who was there and there stood an older mail-women, and she had a very stern and gangly presence. She related to me that although I put a "Do not Bend" stamp on the envelopes that these papers would be going through "MACHINES," I quickly related this idea to the movie Toy Story 2, when Buzz Lightyear is trying to save Woody in the onslaught of escalators moving the luggage parcels around.

I stood there remembering the funny situations of those silly toys, and not seeing how peeved this woman was, because I really think she assumed I believed she hand delivered the mail herself in the little truck all across the country(to clarify I do not). She kept confirming to me that things were going to be swooshed around and possibly bent, I concurred with her, and tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, for my expertise revolves around mac'n'cheese and Star Wars. She persisted to give me a grave tone and I wallowed a bit trying to explain that a few bends here and there might make things look better, because bent up and ratty paper looks timeless. In summation, she doesn't like me, I instead think she is awesome, and it is her angry timelessness that I adore.

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